Is Liev Schreiber Cheating on Naomi Watts?

Liev Schreiber, 44, was recently accused of cheating on his partner Naomi Watts, but the actor’s spokesperson has responded to the rumors, telling RadarOnline, that “this is a complete fabrication and I’m passing it along to Mr. Schreiber’s attorney to handle.”

Previously, The Dirty, the same website that broke news of Ashton Kutcher cheating on wife Demi Moore on their sixth wedding anniversary, reported that Schreiber had cheated on Watts with a model named Phoebe Roberts.

It is being reported that Schreiber and Roberts hooked-up after the wrap party for a film Schreiber had been working on in Australia. Reportedly, he took Roberts back to his temporary apartment in Main Beach on September 24th.

Despite the unusually detailed nature of the claim, Watts has not responded in public to the rumors.

Do you think Schreiber is a cheater?


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