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Outrage Over History Channel's Kennedy Mini-Series

"24" executive producer Joel Surnow has not been shy about talking about his conservative views in mostly liberal Hollywood. So some were less than thrilled when it was announced Surnow would be producing a mini-series about the Kennedys for the History Channel. And now that they've gotten a look at the script, they are outraged.

The script made it into the hands of liberal documentary producer Robert Greenwald, who called it "political character assassination." He decided to send it to 20 historians for their opinions. And they've turned a big thumbs down on the script, saying it is riddled with inaccuracies.

So Greenwald has made a video highlighting the script problems, and calling on the History Channel to stop smearing the Kennedy legacy.

Watch it here:


In defense of the project, Steve Kronish, the mini-series' head writer, told the Huffington Post that the uproar was premature. He said the script Greenwald read is far from what will be the final version. 

Additionally, Kronish told The New York Times that he's using numerous historical Kennedy biographies in the process of researching the project, adding that his finished script "will require bibliographic annotations and legal vetting" before the History Channel allows filming to begin.


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