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Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus Split Because He Didn’t Like Her New Look?

Recent reports put the blame on Liam Hemsworth for his relationship with Miley Cyrus being rocky. Reports say Liam cheated on Miley but there might be other factors for why the couple isn’t getting along.

A source told RadarOnline “they were always arguing about the company she kept and her actions with alcohol and stuff, and it made him especially uncomfortable when he was not home to supervise. Plus, Miley isn’t looking so fierce these days and Liam hasn’t really been feeling her ‘look.’”

The source explains that rumors of Liam cheating were a chance for Miley to get back at Liam for making her feel bad about her behavior.

The source later said, “They’ll probably end up together, but Miley is just giving him hell right now and trying to publicly humiliate him.”

The humiliation might be leading Liam to not want to be with her. If the rumors are true it both sounds like the two are just tired of one another.

Source: RadarOnline


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