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Is Liam Hemsworth Embarrassed by Miley Cyrus?

Apparently Billy Ray isn't the only one embarrassed by Miley Cyrus' recent behavior -- her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is, too . . . hah, I'm totally kidding -- Billy Ray couldn't care less. "Show 'em that cooter, Miley girl, yeeeeow!"

From Us Weekly:

Liam Hemsworth is about to hit the big time when The Hunger Games opens in theaters just past midnight on March 23. But the 22-year-old Australian star's girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, has been getting attention in L.A. clubs lately for all the wrong reasons.

"She gets pretty crazy," a source tells Us Weekly of Cyrus, 19. "She's always out in skimpy outfits and writhing on Liam . . . Sometimes he looks embarrassed for her."

Another insider explains that while Hemsworth loves his girlfriend's "fun-loving side . . . he gets concerned too."


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