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Liam Gallagher Says Gangnam Style is a 'Classic'

If you're a normal, modern-day kind of person, chances are you're very, very bored of Gangnam Style. There's only so much one person can take, you know? Of course, Liam Gallagher is enjoying his status as Contrarian Extraordinaire by proclaiming that he thinks Gangnam Style is a classic.

Liam was asked in a web chat with Japanese fans whether he rated Psy, and he said yes, because he's Liam Gallagher and he does what he wants:

"I think it's an absolute classic. My kid dances to it every morning and it makes me chuckle and spit out my Corn Flakes."

What this gives us, is a mental image that everyone can enjoy. Liam Gallagher grumpily sits down and grumpily pours milk on his cereal, grumpily crunches his way through a few spoonfuls and then BOOM, his kid comes in and starts doing a dance that's like they're riding an invisible pony, causing immediate hilarity and cornflakes to be ejected from Liam Gallagher's mouth as a result of a massive chuckle! What's not to love?!

Liam Gallagher: saying stuff that makes us chuckle, every week, without fail.


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