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Levi Johnston Writing Tell-All Book Because He's a Patriot

I have heard a lot of self justifications for writing tell all books, but Levi Johnston might win the ultimate prize. Instead of admitting he is writing a tell all about the Palins because he wants money, he wants all of you to know he is writing the book for himself, his son and for the country.

Uh huh. I don't want to think I am speaking for all of the country but I don't really want to hear the ramblings of some guy who grasps onto his 15 minutes like they are keeping him alive.

Although I am interested in the behind the scenes drama that played out with the pregnancy and the campaign, I get the feeling a book will never see the light of day and that Levi is hoping for a payoff. Either that or he believes this one last chance to be in the spotlight will keep him there permanently.

I don't see why it would though.


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