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Levi Johnston Voted Most Hated Candidate in Nation

Looks like Sarah Palin won’t have to worry about passing her political torch to Levi Johnston after all.

Johnston announced plans to run for office in Palin’s home turf of Wasilla last month, but a new poll reveals he’s the last person Alaskans want to elect.

According to the survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling, Johnston is now the “most unpopular person PPP has polled in any state.”

He claimed the title from the category’s previous champion, former Sen. John Edwards.

According to PPP’s favorability scale, Edwards, who destroyed his popularity with a messy extramarital affair, has the overwhelmingly negative rating of 15/72 in his home state of North Carolina.

But Alaskans hate Johnston just as much.

He got the same 72% unfavorable rating as Edwards, but only 6% of Alaskans “see him in a positive light.”

“Those poll numbers probably don’t bode too well for his Wasilla Mayoral candidacy,” PPP reports.

Johnston, who once-upon-a-time was slated to become GOP superstar Sarah Palin’s son-in-law, is “reviled pretty universally across the board,” but he seems to fare slightly better with Democrats.

PPP found his favorability rating among Republicans was 4/76, 4/74 with independents, and 15/61 with Dems.

6% is such a phenomenally low rating that the site predicts Johnston will be able to hold onto his title for the foreseeable future.

While his abysmal approval may come as a surprise, Johnston knows at least one high-profile Alaskan is skeptical of his political aspirations.

“He needs to move to Wasilla,” Bristol Palin told Jay Leno Friday when asked about her ex’s plans. “He needs to get his G.E.D.”


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