Levi Johnston is an Absentee Father

By posting this, I’m not even close to saying that Levi Johnston’s ex-girlfriend, Bristol Palin, should win mother of the year any time soon, but apparently Levi has been out of the picture in his son’s life.

An inside snitch close to Bristol (of course) said that Levi hasn’t been around that much for his son, Tripp. The snitch said, “When was the last time he’s even asked about his son, much less asked to see him?”

Obviously, this snitch sounds like it could’ve been Bristol herself. Either way, he should take time to get to know his son. That’s just insane that he would spend all kinds of time trying to run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, but can’t see his kid on a regular basis.

During a recent interview, his political opponent, Verne Rupright, advised that Levi should keep his clothes on, for the sake of the voters. He said, “I’d advise that he keep his clothes on. The voters like it that way.”

Don’t tell that to the Naked Cowboy, who plans to run for President in 2012.


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