Letterman Defends Fired News Anchor A.J. Clemente (Video)


A.J. Clemente got fired from his news anchor job in Bismark, North Dakota on Monday after he accidentally cursed during his first time on the air on Sunday.

There has already been a backlash against KFYR-TV for firing him, and tonight Clemente picked up another supporter, David Letterman, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

“What about these goons in Bismarck,” said Letterman. “Are they going to give you the job back? Do you want the job back, because I'm telling you right now, A.J. you're better than that... If you want to, you should be offered that job back. Now, would you take it?"

“I’ve thought about it, but if you know, ESPN comes knocking,” said Clemente.

“Look, I’m trying to get you the job back in Bismarck,” Letterman replied. “Forget about ESPN, that ain’t gonna happen! You're going back to Bismark!”

Clemente also appeared on NBC's "Today" show this morning (video below), where he said that he expected to be fired after the incident.

"When I first saw the clip it was gut wrenching," said Clemente. "I didn't even know I said it on camera until my news director walked in on the third break."

Clemente has picked up support online, including a Facebook page.

Sources: Mediaite.com and NBC-TV


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