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Mel Gibson Punched Ex-Girlfriend in Mouth?

In a story as explosive as the allegations that have been made between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, you would have thought that something would have leaked out over the weekend. There has been very little. Apparently Oksana has video proof of her allegations that Mel Gibson punched her in the mouth twice, giving her a concussion and knocking out her teeth. I am assuming that it is just a video of the aftermath. Since the incident allegedly happened at his house, I doubt she was secretly recording it. You never know, though.

Everything is ending up under seal as fast as it can be filed in the courthouse. The best way for us to learn anything will be if and when there is a public hearing. I am guessing there will not be anything public. Mel Gibson does not need the world to keep hearing that he punched his baby mama in the face twice, and then have video of the damage shown to the world. He would never recover.

Meanwhile, Mel's people keep saying all the charges are made up, but I think there must be a lot of truth to what she has said. At this point Mel is just playing damage control and wondering how big of a check he is going to have to write before he can get back to his current porn star girlfriend. I wonder if he has ever punched her.


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