Are Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Divorcing?


Eva Longoria went into damage control mode yesterday, as her long-awaited plans to file for divorce from Tony Parker and control the media herself were thwarted when news leaked that Tony Parker had already filed for divorce in Texas on Monday.

Eva then had her people send out statements to anyone who would listen that Tony had not filed for divorce, and that it was all a big lie. By doing that, she was trying to make the world think everything was fine and hunky dory. Not so much. Now, reports are saying Eva is going to file for divorce as soon as today.

I am wondering what took Tony so long. For the entire time the couple has been together, it always seemed like Eva would rather be with some of her other male friends, or pretending she had some kind of acting career.

When Desperate Housewives ends, so will the fame of Eva. Combined with the fact that the couple do not get to spend much time together, and Tony just signed a long-term extension to remain in San Antonio, this was the last straw.

I would not be surprised also if Eva shows off a new boyfriend soon, which is why she wanted to try and control all the news and tilt it in her favor. She was probably ballistic yesterday, and, oh, I would have loved to have seen it.


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