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No He Didn't: Kanye West Compares Self to Man in Tiananmen Square

Can you say MO-RON? I really don't care for this auto-tuned blowhard... so much for his yearlong humbled era of silence.

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He also backtracks on his Taylor Swift remarks.

RADARONLINE got the video/interview of the Ego-tard's rant on Minnesota radio station KDWB. In a new interview, the hip-hop hitmaker dubbed his actions that night "selfless," claiming that he bore the brunt of criticism in standing up for a fellow artist.

He said"It’s like, what’s so arrogant about that moment? If anything, it’s selfless."I’m walking around now with halfan arm, trying to sell albums and having to walk in rooms and be afraid of my food getting spat in, like people going ‘I lost all total respect for you,' and nobody wants to just sit and look at the reality."

Kanye compares himself to the man who bravely stood infront of a TANK during pro-Democracy protests in China's Tiananmen Square in 1989.

He says, quote, "I put myself in the line of fire. It's like straight up, the kid in Tiananmen Square, the Chinese kid in front of the tank there.  I'm in front of the social, the media tank."

And there are people in the entertainment industry who claim this idiot is a genius?


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