Sordid Details Emerge from Charlie Sheen Meltdown

When I am forced to summarize all the stories from someone twice in a year, you know there is a problem. Shortly after Christmas there were a million stories about Charlie and his beatdown of Brooke Mueller, and now this. Here is what is being reported. Radar managed to get some texts directly from Charlie. In them he said, “Oh my man, I’m fine. The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario.”

Well, it might have been overblown, but the fact is the hooker is the one who called 911 because she was scared for her life. Probably with good reason. I am still not sure how the two ended up in the closet together screaming when police arrived. One report said previously that the hooker locked herself in the bathroom to call the police so how did she end up in the closet with Charlie, and why were they screaming? Maybe because she saw him in the light, or because he had blood all over his body from the glass of the chandelier? Also, Charlie did test positive for coke at the hospital, so that rehab thing is really working well. According to Life & Style, Charlie and his hooker had sex in the bathroom during the dinner prior to the hotel room blowup. Charlie actually had dinner with a bunch of hookers that night, and Denise came by to join the dinner, but apparently grew tired of seeing all the hourly ladies and left.

And if you are one of those people who loves Kneepads, then you will love the sanitized version of Charlie. No mention of coke, just a brief hospital stay and possible intoxication. Oh, and Charlie can't wait to return to work. This week he is helping a friend by making a cameo appearance in a movie. They have their heads so far up publicist's butts at that organization I am surprised they can even check their watches to see when they can go home.


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