Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Why He is Always Single


The forever bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio recently revealed the reason why he is perpetually single, blaming his work for making it difficult to maintain relationships.

"Six months of being on location or being off in Morocco or someplace like that is not the best thing for a relationship," he said. 

He has dated many models, including Erin Heatherton, his most recent.

In the same interview, he revealed that he was shocked to turn into a teen idol after staring in Titanic.

"I really didn't understand what fame was and I didn't understand what being in a giant hit was and I didn't understand what a giant hit Titanic was compared to other giant hits. There was no rule book. There was nobody to navigate me through the experience of being watched all the time and nobody to tell me how to be normal when everybody is acting and looking at me differently," he said.

DiCaprio also discussed how he felt like he won the lottery with the success of his Titanic role.

“I always thought of myself as the underdog, because I didn’t have nice enough clothes or maybe my hair didn’t look good. And so you have to understand – getting your foot in the door is like winning the lottery," he said.

"It’s literally like winning the lottery if you get to have a career. And I’ve always felt, Okay, now I’ve gotten this shot, and I’m lucky to have gotten this shot, and if I don’t do this to the best of my ability — if I don’t work my ass off and make a life of it — I’ve squandered this incredibly golden opportunity. And that’s always been what has propelled me.”

Sources: Girls Talkin Smack


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