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Leonardo DiCaprio: Pain is Good

Leonardo DiCaprio says pain is all a part of filmmaking. He was recently in Seoul, Korea discussing his role in “Django Unchained.”

The film displays a lot of graphic scenes and foul language in which DiCaprio plays a slave owner. DiCaprio said he doesn’t let the violent action in a film stop him from wanting to be a part of it.

According to Huffington Post he told the news conference in Korea, “My philosophy has kind of always been the same: Pain is temporary, film is forever.”

DiCaprio later said, "You do everything you possibly can, you give it your all, all of your focus, and hopefully you come out with, if all the elements mixed together correctly, you come out with a great piece of art. To me, cinema is the great modern art form."

DiCarpio’s motto seems to be working because the film has scored two Oscars and was received with a lot of positive reviews.

(Huffington Post)


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