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Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend: Model Erin Heatherton

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio has finally settled on a new girlfriend who meets his criteria: beautiful (check), young (check), Victoria’s Secret model (check).

After trolling at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show after-party and coming up empty handed, DiCaprio was later spotted out with Australian models Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler while filming “The Great Gatsby” in Sydney.   It appears that DiCaprio has finally found a model to get more serious with: Erin Heatherton, according to the NY Post.

The Victoria’s Secret model flew from New York to Sydney to spend time with DiCaprio. The pair have been spotted this month at a martial arts event and more recently, they were seen having dinner together.

Heatherton was spotted in a Sydney lingerie shop this week where she picked up almost $1700 worth of goods. She is expected to fly back to New York with DiCaprio today (December 23rd).

What do you think about Leonardo’s newest love interest? If this doesn’t work out, there’s always Kate Upton.


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