Is Leonardo DiCaprio Getting Serious About Erin Heatherton?

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting serious with yet another model, this time unfathomable hot Victoria's Secret beauty Erin Heatherton. Lucky him. He was due to catch a break. From the New York Post:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton can’t keep their hands off each other. “It is nonstop PDA,” a source said of their hot-and-heavy relationship. DiCaprio introduced Heatherton to his mother, Irmelin, over a well-behaved New Year’s Day brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. “The meeting went well, and Mom and Erin were seen laughing,” our source said. Leo is very close to his mom, whose approval is key to his relationships.

In today's non-story, mama's boy Leonardo DiCaprio introduces his current GF to his BFF. We'll see how long this one lasts, but something tells me that no one will ever be good enough for Irmelin's pride and joy. Of course, it's nice to see mommy and "another bitch who's trying to steal my Leo" sharing a phony laugh through grinding teeth for the sake of my spies, but they weren't fooled. If anything, those two were laughing at the bet they just agreed on: Mommy Dearest bets Leo will dump the star-fucker before the presidential elections, and Erin bets that she'll break Leo from wearing mommy's undergarments before the star of American Idol.


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