Lenny Kravitz to Perform Concert at Controversial London Burlesque Club 'The Box'

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Lenny Kravitz will perform on Sept. 12 before a small audience of 200 at London's controversial burlesque club ‘The Box’ to promote his new album ‘Black and White America.’ The venue, unusual for an arena rocker like Kravitz, was announced in Britain by Absolut Radio, which is giving away tickets.

‘The Box’ features an explicit in-house show, which includes: acrobatics, threesomes, and men dressed as pigs licking food off strippers' stomachs. A performer, known as ‘Laqueefa’ has reportedly played tunes with her genitalia. 'The Box' has drawn celeb customers such as Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Prince Harry.

Singer-songwriter Moby, who was an investor in the club before things got a bit too much, said, "I like degeneracy, but for 'The Box' you really need to be in the right frame of mind. The things that go on there don't make sense to me."

Kravitz debuted some of the new songs during a performance this week at New York's Terminal 5 and appeared on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' Wednesday to promote the album. Kravitz says that the songs for ‘Black and White America’ came to him in dreams. He is expected to perform classic hits from his past as well as new tunes.


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