Lena Dunham's Memorial Day Tweet Causes Conservative Firestorm

On Sunday and earlier today, rap music mogul Diddy got in hot water for promoting his new fitness drink "Aquahydrate" on Twitter and linking it to Memorial Day.

Now, creator and star of the HBO series "Girls" Lena Dunham has upset conservatives with her Memorial Day tweet.

Dunham tweeted: “Happy Memorial Day! I’ve already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms!”

In response, conservative Michelle Malkin tweeted: "@lenadunham. What a rude, classless ingrate you are."

Malkin also linked to her website Twitchy.com, which said the tweet was “Patriotism, prog[ressive] Hollywood-style.”

“How @LenaDunham pissed on Memorial Day... Don't blame her. She literally doesn't know any better. It's not her fault,” tweeted Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller.

Newsbusters.org said of the tweet: “This charming lady appears to have a fascination with her bodily functions."

Sources: Twitter, Twitchy.com, Newsbusters.org


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