Lena Dunham Says Howard Stern Is An 'Outspoken Feminist' (Video)


Feminist and actress Lena Dunham praised shock jock Howard Stern as an "outspoken feminist" last night on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Fallon recalled that the last time he was Dunham was out Stern's 60th birthday party last year (video below).

"Okay, I went in, you know, excited for the spectacle, I didn't think I was going to cry with joy and be so moved by his life's work and his relationship with Robin Quivers," said Dunham. "I lost it."

Fallon agreed that it was touching.

"It was beautiful. It was like a celebration of a man who has truly made a difference, and if you told me I was going to say that five years ago I would have slapped you in the face," added Dunham, noted EOnline.com.

Fallon reminded Dunham that Stern was harsh with her, and she recalled how the radio host called her a "fat Jonah Hill-looking girl."

Dunham said that she called Stern a "cartoon of a female Jewish horse."

According to Mediaite.com, the "Girls" star continued, "I really care about Howard, like I really think he's like a voice for important causes. I think he's an outspoken feminist. And again these are words I'm like, 'What am I saying? Who am I?' But yes, he’s one of the people who really speaks out on issues that matter to me and matter to a lot of women and I think that we should be thankful that he’s in the world.”

Sources: EOnline.com, Mediaite.com
Image Credit: NBC-TV Screenshot


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