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Leighton Meester's Ex-Con Mom in Trouble Over Death Threat

A woman got a restraining order against the mother and manager of Leighton Meester. The woman who got the order says that Leighton's mom threatened to hunt down the woman, kill her and then f**k her up.

Not to be critical of a death threat, but shouldn't the f**king up come prior to the death? I mean, if you f**k up someone after they are dead, then really, what are you doing except causing you to work out harder than necessary? I think she should have gone to the judge and clarified her remarks, and said she would have said it the other way if given the chance to do it again.

Leighton's mom gave birth to Leighton while serving a ten-year prison sentence for drugs. Hmm, well, maybe she did learn a way to kill someone and then f**k them up.


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