Could Casey Anthony's Brother's Shaky Testimony Set Her Free?


Lee Anthony was on the stand yesterday and I don't think he particularly cared for the allegations Casey Anthony has previously made where he sexually abused his sister. During his testimony, Lee said he always tried to talk to Casey and to find out where Caylee was and would go on MySpace and Facebook to look for her. A pause here for a second. MySpace is this website that used to be popular back in the day and now has basically joined the ranks of Friendster. You don't think Facebook will be there someday? Twitter? Think they are going to be around forever?

Anyway, Lee also made himself look more important to the case than he probably is because he says he confronted Casey at the family home about a month after first trying to contact her. First thing he noticed? He says he walked by her car in the garage and said the smell was very potent and very strong. Really? Is the theory that Casey kept Caylee in the trunk for a month? Yes, then the smell would have knocked over anyone which is why I don't believe he smelled anything. He just wants to throw Casey as far under the bus as he can and keep running her over until she can't move. The problem with all of this is that the jury might know he is exaggerating or not being entirely truthful and the next thing you know, doubt starts to creep into their heads and Casey walks.


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