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LeAnn Rimes Made Sex Tape with Ex-Husband?

LeAnn Rimes, alongside her costar and ex-husband Dean Sheremet, did the one thing that nearly every celeb under the sun simply must do: create a sex tape — the final element in the formula for near-guaranteed success in Hollywood. She’s doing everything she can to prevent this alleged video’s release.

Sex tapes! Weiners! Kardashian breast slippage! When is this fleshy chaos going to end? For goodness sakes, we could write a book on this ridiculousness (Hmm. .  .)

The sex tape apparently features Rimes (wearing things you might not want your family to see you in) bent over in front of a mirror. She’s also rumored to be doing other things — it’s a sex tape people. According to Star Magazine, the tape was found in a moving truck. I don’t really get the “moving truck” part — I hope it was her moving truck — but all the sources simply say ”moving truck.”

Her ex-husband is quoted with saying, “Things like this happen! We were married for 8 years, we did a lot of shit!” Yes, we understand. CDL totally understands how a video camera spontaneously turns on and all of your nudeness accidentally falls in front of it.


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