Are These Photos From LeAnn Rimes’ Leaked Sex Tape?


As we posted last week, a sex tape  featuring LeAnn Rimes with her ex-husband Dean Sheremet (wearing things you might not want your family to see you in) bent over in front of a mirror is floating around. She’s also rumored to be doing other things — it’s a sex tape, people. The alleged tape was supposedly found in a moving truck.  We did a poll and 45% of our readers felt there was a sex tape. It looks like once again Celeb Dirty Laundry readers were right.

A Message Board has a discussion going about LeAnn Rimes and a user OneMoreVol is claiming he found a memory stick in a truck and he posted three screen caps.  He was getting advice from other message board users on what to do with the tape.  I don’t know if it really is a sex tape but it certainly shows her in her undies.  Below is the message he posted:

Sometime around 2008 I found the memory stick to a digital camera. Took it home and watched it and it had about ten, 15-20 sec videos of her shot by her then husband. She’s in her bedroom changing clothes trying to find an outfit for some court case. She definitely wasn’t as skinny as the pics in this thread and had a lot of cellulite. There was a mirror behind her so you can see her husband holding the camera and he is talking like a baby to her. Kinda a creepy. I kept the memory stick in case I could ever sell it but haven’t tried.

According to Star Magazine LeAnn is allegedly “desperate” to prevent it from leaking, her ex is less desperate and said: “Things like this happen! We were married for 8 years. We did a lot of s–t!”

But a rep for Rimes strongly denied the existence of such a tape. “LeAnn has absolutely never filmed a video having sex”

So what do you think after seeing these screen caps does the sex tape exist?


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