Leaked 'Breaking Bad' Alternate Ending Spoof of 'Malcolm in the Middle' (Video)


Fans of Breaking Bad will be pleased and surprised at the leaked alternate ending, which features Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston playing their roles as Lois and Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

Though many theories have been proposed during the last weeks of the show, this ending is perhaps the most unusual of all. The ending suggests that Breaking Bad is merely a dream, or that it’s a prequel to Malcolm in the Middle.

Hal wakes up in the middle of the night with Lois at his side, who chastises him for eating too many deep-fried Twinkies.

Hal describes a terrible dream he had where was a world-class meth cook and dealer.

“You?” Lois retorts. “Cook anything?”

Hal agrees that his dream was ridiculous and turns off the light, just as the camera scans over to a chair with Cranston’s notable black hat on top of it.

The Malcolm in the Middle reunion was likely produced after Jane Kaczamrek took her 13-year-old son to the Breaking Bad set. The sighting caused rumors about a possible cameo role for Kaczamrek, though her son was the one to snag a cameo.

Sources: Inquisitir, NY Daily News


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