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"Glee" Star Lea Michele Made "True Grit"'s Hailee Steinfeld Cry

Apparently Hailee Steinfeld did not pay the Golden Globe people enough money, because she did not get nominated for True Grit. Hopefully the Academy Award voters will not overlook her. She is really, really good in the role. Anyway, when Hailee went to audition for the role, she was on the Paramount lot where they film Glee. Hailee told J-14, "I saw Lea Michele just walking to her trailer, and I was like, "That's the girl from Glee. I've got to go ask for her autograph. So I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, 'Sorry, now's not a good time'!"

"I was practically crying on the way home. I was so sad! But she's beautiful and she has an amazing voice."

Well, Hailee, I would expect nothing less from Lea. No time is ever a good time for Lea unless you are also holding a check in your other hand. Or cash. She accepts cash too. And, hopefully, Hailee will not treat her fans the same way.


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