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Full-Figured Women Fight for TV Networks to Air Lane Bryant Lingerie Ad

Women's retail clothier Lane Bryant was recently overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from customers across the nation. When Fox and ABC refused to air the brand's new Cacique lingerie commercial - created by Fort Lauderdale-based Zimmerman Advertising - for being too risque, Lane Bryant fought back, accusing both networks of content censorship and discrimination against curvy women.

Women around the country took up the fight on behalf of full-figured women everywhere. As numerous media outlets picked up the story, the American public became more and more outraged at the apparent double standard. There was suddenly an outcry to embrace curvy, full-bodied women in all of their beauty.

"We produced a stunning commercial that celebrated the beauty of curvy women and proved that sexy doesn't have a size," says Jay Dunn, Vice President of Marketing for Lane Bryant. "Lane Bryant was able to successfully give a voice to real women. In return, women everywhere threw the networks - and the world - a curve with their overwhelming reaction to our protest."

As a thank you, Lane Bryant has now announced the biggest promotion in the company's history. Everything in the store will be 40 percent off May 19-23.

"This is our way of showing appreciation to those who stood by us," notes Dunn. "And it's a promise that we will always stand beside them in the fight to assert that beauty has no size."

Lane Bryant is one of the most recognized names in clothing for women. The average woman today is a size 14, which means that the majority of American women are curvy. Lane Bryant celebrates not only the fact that beauty is more than skin deep, but that all women deserve to feel and look beautiful, no matter what their size. The brand's emphasis on fashion has made it a style leader in the category. Today's Lane Bryant features more options than ever before, including new styles, better fit and fresh colors.


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