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Lamar Odom’s Purported Mistress, Jennifer Richardson, Takes Lie Detector Test (Video)

Lamar Odom’s purported former friend and mistress, Jennifer Richardson, hasn’t been shy about divulging the details of his alleged drug problem. Her “experiences” with him have been reported by TMZ, and from there have circulated around the web exactly the way you’d expect gossip to.

To date, though, there has never been any proof. For all the talk, there has never actually been anything linking Odom to the things that Richardson and others are saying he’s involved with.

Recently, as reported by The Inquistr, Richardson took a lie detector test. During the test she was asked about the extent of her relationship with Odom. She acknowledged that they had sexual intercourse, and reportedly the lie detector test didn’t disprove that claim.

The general accuracy of lie detector test and the shadiness surrounding how Odom’s tribulations have been exposed are a matter of public record. People can make their own conclusions. That being said, this is worth a viewing:


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