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Lady Gaga’s Gets $250,000 for Upcoming ‘American Idol’ Performance

Lady Gaga will perform on next Wednesdays’ “American Idol” results show, but not before demanding - and receiving - $250,000 for appearing on the show.

“They thought it was just crazy she was asking for so much money,” a source tells OK! “It was just too much money to pay talent for a performance.” But American Idol producers have patched up things with Lady Gaga, because the attention-getting singer taped her performance for next week’s American Idol Top 5 Results Show.

Apparently the singer was worth the price. She pre-taped her performance of “Bad Romance” on the piano with a transition into her current hit “Alejandro” after this weeks Top 6 elimination night. Fans can expect to be shocked - her costume is provocative to say the least.

“Lady Gaga will make some jaws hit the ground as she wears a black thong with a revealing black fishnet bodysuit,” an eyewitness tells OK! “It’s a typical provocative costume, but it’s a little shocking. “There were eight hard-bodied male dancers scantily clad in what looked to be black Spanx — each guy wore a black glove as well, à la Michael Jackson. They writhed and gyrated to the music before the lady herself took to the stage wearing a black bra, garters and underwear covered by some filmy gauze. Her butt cheeks were on full display, but at least she kept her girls covered!””

Gaga began the performance sitting at the piano for a slowed-down take on “Bad Romance.” That tune then morphed into a raucous version of “Alejandro.” The angel shot flames from its wings during each utterance of “Alejandro” in the chorus.

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