Lebanon Bans Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way" Album


Lady Gaga is taking over the world, but Lebanese officials don’t seem to care. They have reportedly banned her new album, deeming it “offensive to Christianity”. Police have impounded copies of Born This Way.

According to the LA TimesLebanon’s office of general security impounded boxes of the album as they arrived in Beirut international airport last week. It is being reported that the album is being banned due to article 75 of Lebanon’s law for distribution of print media, which states:

“Distributors are prohibited from circulating media that diverges from public decency and morality, or is at odds with nationalistic or religious beliefs.”

Gaga’s single Judas was banned from Lebanese radio back in April. The title track off the album, Born This Way, was banned as well from Malaysian radio in March, for “offensive” references to homosexuality.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s album being banned???


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