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Lady Gaga Turns Into a Brunette

t looks like Lady Gaga is ditching her legendary blond locks for a “progressive brunette” do!

Gaga has posted a photo on her Instagram of herself dying her hair to the darker shade. The originally brunette singer captioned the photo, “Time to be brave.”

The “Judas” singer famously said at the beginning of her career that she dyed her hair as a pop culture statement to be like all of her famous blonde idols (Britney, Madonna, Marilyn, etc.).

It has also been said that when she first started out as a singer she would often get mistaken for Amy Winehouse, so a change of hair color became necessary.

But here’s the thing, Gaga wears wigs a good 98% of the time, so will her new natural hair color also affect her choice of hair pieces?

The Grammy Award winning singer took to her Twitter to discuss her new do, saying:

Gaga is currently working on her next album, ARTPOP, which is set to be released early next year.

What do you think of Gaga’s new brunette look?

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