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Lady Gaga Falls At Heathrow Airport

Ha-ha-ha! Here we see the results of Lady Gaga and her penchant for wearing those ridiculously high platform shoes. Yup, it's a complete, total, utter wipeout as she made her way through London, England's Heathrow Airport earlier today, June 23, 2010. Serves her right for being an idiot. It sure is hard to look uber cool when you're sprawled out on the ground, isn't it? And then check out the embarrassed look on her face as she's back on her feet and on her way out. Too funny. First she gets slagged off mercilessly by Jerry Seinfeld, and now she falls on her face in front of the paparazzi. Not the Gag-ster's best day. Enjoy the fall - cheers.


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