Lady Gaga's "Big-Eye" Contact Lenses in "Bad Romance" Video: Dangerous?

Don’t do anything reckless, Little Monsters!

Pop extravagance Lady Gaga has been recently slammed for showing a bad example to her young fans who try to copy her every move.

Lady GaGa’s unnaturally big eyes in the "Bad Romance" video have caused quite a stir among parents and doctors who are concerned that young fans might damage their eyes trying to get the same anime cartoon hero look.

The matter is that GaGa’s fans have invaded online stores in search of contact lenses to make irises appear bigger than usual. Obviously, fans shop for cheap lenses to recreate the look.

Parents and doctors are worried that fans buy cheap lenses without a prescription, meaning the lenses don’t fit properly and may cause long term or permanent damage to the eyes.

Be careful, Lil Monsters! Go Gaga, but consult your doctor first!


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