Lady Gaga To Release Tour Book Focusing on Fans


Lady Gaga is grateful for all of her fans, dubbed by the Queen as “Little Monsters”. And what better way to show her appreciation than to compile a tour book of all of her fans?

When I attended her Cleveland show, fans were dressed up in their best Gaga attire. Down to the wigs and shoes, they were looking like mini-Gagas. Lady Gaga said it best when she said, “You were born that way.”

Now, it’s being said that security at the shows are asking for fan photos of her little monsters in their best Gaga wear so that she can make an entire book.

A fan on celebrity gossip blog OhNoTheyDidnt took the above photo of a bra that says “Free B***h” on it. Security at the venue was also interested in the fan creation.

The fan said, “The tour photo manager mentioned that he’s taking photos of fans (and creative things like that bra) for the official little monsters tour book that they’ll release.”

Nice! I can’t wait to see it! And in case you didn’t know, her fans are the most pleasant people I’ve ever seen. They all come together to support Gaga in showing the world that they’re different and they just don’t care. I loved it. What a blast!


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