Lady Gaga a Panty Thief?


Lady Gaga may be a lot of things, but a panty thief? This is just nuts!

Gaga was sent seven pieces of exclusive panties from Rigby and Peller, but only three of the undies were returned. Gaga was sent the lingerie items for use in her next music video, but the company is claiming that the priceless pairs of panties are still missing.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Obviously we were delighted that Lady Gaga wanted to use our new pieces in her next video but we did stress we needed them back in plenty of time for our press show. They are handmade, unique designs, simply priceless and not available anywhere in the world, so we are really disappointed not to get them back for our major showcase of the year.”

Gaga’s spokesperson said, “We’ve nothing to say.”

Gaga stepped out and about in Stockholm, Sweden, Sunday. She had just played to a sold out crowd and it looks as if she showered and tossed on the first thing handy and — those shoes! How does she walk in them?!??

In other news, it looks like “Alejandro” is going to be super steamy with some sexy, expensive panties!

source: Lady Gaga Steals Undies? - [spreadit]

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