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Photos: Lady Gaga Getting Chunky?

We’re not bashing Lady Gaga, by any means. But apparently, she’s not as waif thin as she used to be, as evidenced by these photos.

But hey, she’s still rocking the leather bikinis for her shows.

Since getting comfortable in her relationship with Luc Carl, Gaga has obviously eaten a little more than she usually does. This is to be expected when one reaches that stage in a romance. Not to say that it was a bad thing, considering how painfully thin she was before.

Eat up, Gaga, we still love you!

Last year, she was said to have been hospitalized over weight issues roughly six times. So we’re not dogging on her in the slightest. We need the Queen Bee to be healthy. But should she show it off as much?

Let us know in the poll on our site!

source: [the-fame]

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