Lady Gaga Becoming "Yoga Junkie"


Lady Gaga is loving keeping fit with yoga. Just recently, she left a note of appreciation to her yoga instructor, reading,

"Tricia, Thank you so much for today. Lately I've been kicking ass in yoga, but I'm excited to embark on an even deeper journey with you. You are such an inspiration. I will be back soon. W more hydration + sleep. Yoga heals me + so do you. Love, Lady Gaga."

Gaga also tweeted over the weekend about her zen life,

“26 postures to freedom. Possible yoga junkie, is there such thing as Bikram rehab?”

I just started getting into yoga (I'm not that flexible), and it really is calming and much need relaxation - even if it is just for an hour.  I highly recommend it for anybody.  If it's your first time taking yoga, just make sure you're in an appropriate level class.  


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