Lady Gaga's Entourage Carries Her, Holds Phone for Her


We've all heard, "Don't stand too close to the microwave because the radiation could be harmful to your health," at one point or another in our lives. Well, the same has been said about cell phone use - it can cause brain tumors.

Lady Gaga got wind of this and is now terrified of her mobile device. The "Telephone" hitmaker apparently has a member of her entourage hold up her cell phone a short distance away from her whenever she has to make a call. A source said:

"There have been various reports suggesting mobile phone use can increase your risk of developing cancer and brain tumours and even though there's no firm evidence, it really freaked her out.

"She's now insisting that whenever she makes a call, one of her team keys the numbers into her phone, then holds it up to her face so when she speaks it isn't too close to her head.

"She then listens to her calls on the speakerphone."

So if you're planning on calling Gaga anytime soon, becareful what you say because you're on speaker.

And besides being scared of her cell phone, Gaga's other weird behavior involves having her security guards carry her to various events because she only has designated a certain amount of time each day to walking. Say whut?! This girl is off her rocker!

The source added:

"Everyone around Gaga tries to tolerate her annoying and weird behaviour because they know it's likely to be just another phase."


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