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Photos: Fan Dresses Like Lady Gaga - 24/7

If you thought Lady Gaga was dedicated to the entire persona that she’s created, then you’ll be surprised at this devoted fan.

Twenty-three-year-old blogger Denise Kuan started her website,, back on May 31, 2010. She regularly posts photos of herself in the same Gaga dress, doing various chores around the house and even relieving herself. Ugh. That dress has gotta be nasty by now, I hope she cleans it often.

It’s time to get a new dress, girlfriend. God-ga would not approve of this madness. She should totally rock the bubble dress already. I bet that would be pretty cool. But, a change is needed if you’re wearing the same outfit day in and day out since May. Maybe she needs to take up a collection or something?

Denise said, “In a way, the posts every day are little tributes to Lady Gaga…going about her everyday life in her own way, regardless of what people around her might think.”

Keep rockin’, girl, just change clothes. That outfit is tired.

source: [everydaygaga]

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