Lady Gaga Cancels Indonesia Show Over Threats

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Lady Gaga had to cancel her upcoming concert in Indonesia due to security concerns after weeks of protests from religious groups in the country.

The singer was scheduled to perform in Jakarta on June 3, but local authorities denied a performance permit due to increased pressures from protesters.

Gaga, who even offered to tone things down a bit, has now canceled after protesters threatened to intercept her upon arrival in Indonesia.

Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for promoters Big Daddy, says, “Lady Gaga’s management has considered the situation minute to minute, and with threats if the concert goes ahead, Lady Gaga’s side is calling off the concert. This is not only about Lady Gaga’s security, but extends to those who will be watching her… Gaga’s camp did not want this show to cause any harm to anybody.”

Gaga apologized to her Indonesian fans on her Twitter, but also noted, “There is nothing Holy about hatred.”

There were 52,000 tickets sold for Gaga’s show and the promoters will now have to issue refunds.


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