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Lady Gaga on Gagavision: Announces Judas Release Date

Lady Gaga has given her Little Monsters the announcement that we’ve all been waiting for! She appeared in her new Gagavision video blog to announce the release date for her new single, Judas. In addition to that, she has also given us the details on a new episode of Glee, dedicated to her music!

In the video, Gaga said that Judas is coming on April 19th! She said, “Judas is coming. Let the cultural baptism begin.”

As far as Glee is concerned, we’ve heard reports that the cast will be covering Born This Way along with several other hits of hers. Reportedly, they will “learn about self-acceptance” in the episode, which is slated to run for an entire 90 minutes!

Check out her Gagavision video, below:

Are you excited? Claws up, Monsters!


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