Lady Gaga Admits to Three-Way Sex


Lady Gaga is no stranger to being free with her body, that’s for sure. So when a radio host asked her if she’s ever been involved in a ménage a trois, she had to answer honestly!

During a call-in interview on Detroit’s Mojo In The Morning earlier today, the singer admitted to sharing her bed with two partners at the same time. She wouldn’t reveal whether or not her two bed buddies were male or female, but said that the rumors of her threesome are true.

When asked if she’s ever done the deed, she said, “Umm, well, I suppose I have yes. I don’t want to reveal too much. I just can say the truth.”

Then the host asked, “If a guy is in a three-way, and he calls himself heterosexual, and there’s two guys, then wouldn’t that be…wouldn’t he be like, maybe bi?”

She responded, “No. It’s okay in a three-way.”

Does this news shock you at all? Or are we all so desensitized already by her shenanigans? What do you think???

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