Trendy to Feature Gay Teen Characters on TV Shows?

Readers of Greg In Hollywood have already been following the goings-on of gay characters like Kurt on Glee and Teddy on 90210 but it’s always interesting to check out a trend piece like the one in today’s Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times.

Reporter Whitney Friedlander cites characters on Gossip Girl, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Hellcats, Greek, 90210 and the new MTV series Skins.

She talked to 90210′s showrunner and executive producer Rebecca Sinclair, who said of the decision to have Teddy (Trevor Donovan) come out of the closet this season: “I felt like the world of ’90210′ was missing the gay characters that it would realistically have. If I had created the show, I would definitely have made one of the main characters gay... And honestly, in a genre that depends on the coupling, decoupling and re-coupling of its characters, it behooves us to find the most diverse ways to do that.”

The article points out that while adult gay couples continue to proliferate on TV, they are rarely shown kissing as their heterosexual counterparts are (Example: Bob and Lee on Desperate Housewives!). But teen shows do not seem to have this problem. Not only have their been same-sex teen kisses dating back to Dawson’s Creek, Teddy and his love interest Ian snogged semi-passionately two episodes on a row (see videos below).

Says 90210′s Trevor Donovan: “Who’s in a relationship with someone, man or woman, and doesn’t kiss them? It’s real.”

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