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L.A. School District Won't Let Jamie Oliver Film "Food Revolution"

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver -- who just set up shop in the Westwood Village section of Los Angeles -- is running into opposition over his attempts to shoot the second season of his popular reality show, "Food Revolution," in his new adopted city.

"It's not going so well at the moment," Oliver said in a recent People Magazine article. "Currently, the L.A. School District won't let me near a single school, but we're going to try to get around that."

The Los Angeles Unified School District says it wants no part of the controversy and hubbub of shows like "Food Revolution": "Reality TV has a formula," LAUSD spokesman Robert Alaniz told the Los Angeles Times. "You either have to have drama or create conflict to be successful. We're not interested in either."

Oliver won an Emmy for the first season of "Food Revolution." The British chef and TV star traveled to Huntington, W. Va., where he tried to make public-school menus healthier.

Here's the speech Oliver gave during TED2010:


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