Kyra Sedgwick Shadows Reporter

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Kyra Sedgwick spent some time shadowing a reporter as research for her latest movie “On a Ledge” and was disappointed by the experience.

WENN News reports that Sedwgick shadowed reporters from a local television station in NY in order to better understand her latest role.

Sedgwick explained, “I called them up and I said, ‘I’m playing a reporter in this movie,’ and they said, ‘Oh definitely come down, it would be great to have you. But get here really early in the morning because breaking news stories happens early in the morning, we get in the car and we go.’ So all night I couldn’t sleep I was so excited. It was like Christmas…”

She continued, “I show up in the morning at 4.30 and I meet the anchorwoman, her name is Vivian Lee… and her camera woman is a woman who is also the driver. So they’re like, ‘We got the breaking news we got to go, we got to go right now.’ So we’re driving and they don’t really know where they’re going, they’re like looking on their blackberries (for directions) and everything, because it’s very do-it-yourself.

We pull up to this school in Brooklyn and she parks the car and slaps on her NY1 (badge) and runs out of the car and grabs the camera and I’m thinking, ‘Ok this is good because something really bad has happened.’

Vivian turns on her mic and she says, ‘Brooklyn is in an uproar today about the mayor’s decision about alternate side of street of parking.’ I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a murder.”


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