Kylie Bisutti Gives Up Career as Victoria's Secret Angel to Devote Life to God

Kylie Bisutti used to be a Victoria's Secret model, but now she has devoted her life to God and lives in Montana.

Bisutti, 23, was raised in New York. She worked as a model for some time before she decided that she had enough.

"It definitely felt like I was being made to sell sex. I just really started to feel exploited and sexualized," she said.

She was even considered "fat" by some, though she is only a size two and weighs just 115 pounds.

"I'm just thankful that God changed my heart earlier on rather than being five or ten years down the road."

She wrote a book called, "I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model" about the struggles she faced as her religious beliefs began to clash with her career as a model.

Bisutti said she is not trying single Victoria's Secret out, and is instead criticizing the modeling industry as a whole.

"It's not really about Victoria's Secret, it's about the modeling industry as a whole and about heaping girls with self body issues, eating disorders and really exposing the entire industry for what it is," she said.

"It's not targeting their brand…I believe the modeling industry as a whole really exploits young girls."

At first she thought things would get better, but then she realized it was just getting worse.

"As I saw more and more girls collapsing after runway shows, hospitalized because of eating disorders, I realized it wasn't just my experience, it was everyone in the entire industry," she said.

Even when she gave up her career to devote her life to God, she still received modeling offers. She even turned down the chance to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

She also turned down being on Dancing With the Stars. 

Now, weighing 124 pounds, Bisutti is living a healthier life with her husband. 

Though she admits she lost out on millions of dollars, she said she is happy with her decision to quit modeling.

"Beauty isn't about what you look like," she said. "It's about what's in your heart. That's the most important thing."

Sources: Daily Mail


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