Kylie and Kendall Jenner Now Homeschooled

Kylie, 15, and Kendall, 16, have decided to no longer attend Sierra Canyon High School opting insteadto attend Kris Jenner’s School of Hard Knocks.

In an early episode of Kardashians, Kylie complained that school was overwhelming and giving her panic attacks.

Apparently Kris took her whining seriously and now she’s being homeschooled in an effort to book her more acting gigs like Kendall on Hawaii 5-0. If you’re keeping track, around 15 or 16 is when the Jenner’s start pimping out their kids.

Probably around 18 is when Kris tells them to do their first nip slip. That’s how you know you’ve become a real woman in the Jenner family.


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