Kristin Chenoweth Doesn't Want Christianity to Be Negative Word


Oklahoma-raised Kristen Chenoweth is going back to her country roots this fall with a new ABC show,Good Christian Belles. Kristen recently talked to about her new series, her cameos on Gleeand the role religion plays in her life. If Jesus were alive today, Kristen says, “He wouldn’t be hanging out at Neiman Marcus. He probably wouldn’t even be at church.” But where exactly does she think he’d be? Read on…

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Her path to stardom began in church…
“I remember I auditioned for a solo in church and got it. I was about 7 and I sang a song called, ‘Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House’ and I remember people standing up at the end and me thinking, ‘Oh, I think I’m going to like this.’ That’s how it all began. Sounds funny to say you got your start in church, but I did.”

Kristin wants to change the way people view Christianity…
“I think it’s important to remember that Christianity was based in love and tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance. I don’t want Christianity to be a negative word anymore. I want people to understand that there is a group of Christians out there who want to be more open and understanding and tolerant and loving of all kinds of people, even the people that don’t believe in God at all. I guess that’s one of my purposes in this life is to make sure people know that Jesus would have taught the same thing and did teach the same thing. If he were alive today, where would he be hanging out? He wouldn’t be hanging out at Neiman Marcus. He probably wouldn’t even be at church. He would be downtown feeding the poor and helping the sick. That’s what it’s about.”

Why does she keep going back for more on Glee?
“I’ve always loved the character so much. Ryan Murphy created a character that people enjoy watching. She’s a hot mess, but I think it makes us feel safe about our own insecurities and failures, and the fact that she can laugh at herself makes her so lovable. Plus, she gets to sing some fun stuff!”

Plus, Kristen dishes about how she has kept her down-to-earth mentality in Hollywood and discusses her friendship with Matthew Morrison. AND, guess which Glee stars she’d love to perform with on camera?

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