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Kristin Cavallari Left Her Pregnancy Up to Fate

Former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari, now engaged to Jay Cutler and expecting their first child, has been enjoying a smooth first pregnancy.

She went to far as to say she’s enjoying it, admitting in an interview with Glamoholic magazing that it may seem crazy to some women to hear her talk like that. She was overly tired in the first couple of months, but without morning sickness. And that is something she will take over morning sickness at any time.

She also admits that she never pictured herself with kids at such a young age. She always planned to have them closer at 30 instead. She also revealed that she and Cutler weren’t trying to start a family, but were leaving that up to fate. She explains that the possibility of kids made her really excited and a positive result to a pregnancy test is always shocking, even if a couple is trying to start a family.

Cavallari has had to put her career ambitions on the back burner for now, and it’s possible the couple’s plans for marriage may have the same fate because they are talking about having a second child right away. Marriage would come after that.

She told the magazine they want four kids, and they were thinking about having two before marriage and two after. But all of their plans depend on how their first one goes.

The couple do know the sex of the baby, but aren’t sharing just yet. Cavallari in the meantime will be leaving LA and will be moving to Chicago for half the year, and will be in Nashville for the other half. Trips to LA will be made if she needs to as neither she not Cutler want to raise their child with paparazzi and cameras in their faces.


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