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Kristen Stewart Wants to have a Baby

Kristen Stewart desperately wants boyfriend Robert Pattinson to knock her up . . . or, you know, maybe some other random guy she hooks up with. What does "boyfriend" really mean, anyways? Seems kinda restrictive.

From Life & Style:

"I can't wait to be a mom," Kristen, 22, gushed to Life & Style on Nov. 1 while promoting Breaking Dawn--Part 2 in LA. Even the typically tight-lipped Rob, 26, added that the infant who first played their on-screen daughter, Renesmee, was one of his favorite co-stars, and that "working with a baby is great."

What's more, the twosome's baby talk is far from idle chatter, confirms a pal of Rob's. "Now that Kristen is back together with Rob, she's obsessed with keeping him, and she knows he wants to be a young dad," says the insider. "So she's telling him, 'Let's do this; let's make a baby!' Before the cheating, he as the one pushing for marriage and children. Now it's her."


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